"I was very satisfied with my rehabilitation services. My therapist took a wholistic approach and not only focused on areas where I had pain, but also took into consideration the mind, the whole body and the spirit.  His method was different from any medical service I had received before. He provided traditional physical therapy, including stretching and strengthening exercises that would reduce the pain in my body, and also alternative therapy working on the fascias and identifying the areas of my body that were connected to the pain."
    "I was rear ended in a car accident and the impact caused a herniated disc that produced a lot of pain in my lower back, hips and sciatic nerve. My therapist did an evaluation and set up some goals that we would review periodically. He explained his method and the therapy that he thought would work for me based on my symptoms. His plan was not a generic treatment established ahead. I had 2 sessions per week and each time the treatment was customized to my symptoms and my needs. I followed the exercise program that he set for me at home and listened to his recommendations to avoid my fear of driving again. Fortunately at the end of my treatment I met my goals and I felt healthy again."
     "At the beginning of every visit I'd tell my therapist how I'd been feeling, my concerns and even sometimes my new pains. He always listened to me, he took into account everything I said, and focused on my treatment. He was very professional, respectful and polite, and something that I personally appreciated very much is that he didn't waste time chitchatting about stuff that didn't concern me or my health. He shared great ideas about meditation, relaxation and fitness, and when I finished my treatment, he offered me to contact him anytime in case I had any question or need for new exercises. I felt like my healing was important to him. I would definitely come back to him if I ever need physical therapy again.”‚Äč

         Ana P, San Francisco‚Äč


     "I have seen Ryan Friend for a variety of rehabilitation services.  Every time I hurt something I ask for Ryan!  I really like his approach to PT, that the pain is not an isolated incident but that you must consider the entire body and the many ways in which it connects.  I learned about Myofascial Release from Ryan which I had never heard of before.  Everything started to make sense about my body and my pain and the wholeness of it.  This certainly differed in any previous PT that I have had as they only treated the specific area and didn't venture further and they certainly didn't explain the pain's relation to other things in my life.  Ryan also taught me some very good home therapies that helped much more than the things I have tried in the past."

     "The first time I came to see Ryan was for horrible pain in my shoulder blade area.  I had to take very strong pain meds for this pain.  Ryan made sure we were addressing the correct location of my pain, which turned out to be different than what my primary doctor had thought.  Once Ryan 'diagnosed' me correctly he went on from there and eased my pain and then ceased my pain.  He gave me very simple home therapies that I still do to this day on the other parts of my body when I have pain."

     "The second time I saw Ryan was for major sciatica pain.  Not only did Ryan explain so much to me about the spine and myofascial work, his hands-on approach helped many other issues with my back and hips.  Again, simple home therapies were taught and I still use these techniques."

     "I'm feeling 100% better about my pain after seeing Ryan.  Anytime I feel a twinge because of something I did, I immediately follow his home therapies and take care of it right away.  If I can't, I call Ryan."

     "I completely enjoyed talking to Ryan about his experiences and beliefs of rehab, myofascaial work and the interconnectedness of the body and mind.  It really helped my rehab in that I thought much deeper about my pain and was more aware of my body in doing so and more proactive than ever before.  He saw my interest in his appraoch and he suggested readings I could pursue and that educated me even further in the relationship between pain, my body and the mind."

          Linda S, San Francisco