Present Wellness is a fee-for-service (cash pay) and out-of-network provider.

A prescription from your doctor may be required for phyical therapy services.


Please see the FAQ section for more details. 


If you seek Present Wellness for wellness or preventative services, a screening will determine your eligibility, and you will not require a prescription for these services.


A FREE 15 minute phone consultation is provided to answer your questions and to determine if physical therapy and wellness services are right for you.




     Hot pack and ultrasound? Fifteen minutes with your therapist?

Manual therapy lasts no longer than a handshake? Insurance denied or covered for just two visits?

And you're still in pain...Now what?


Present Wellness  is a private-pay physical therapy service providing one on one care without the limitations of insurance.  You will receive a comprehensive evaluation and a individualized treatment program designed specifically for you.  You deserve to have the best of care!



Chronic Pain and Fatigue?  Fibromyalgia? Headaches? TMJ?

Neck and Back Pain? Scoliosis? Sports Injuries?


JFB-MFR is a gentle, hands on technique used to reduce the 'straight-jacket' of pressure caused by restrictions in the fascial system.  Restrictions can be a source of pain and other debilitating symptoms.  The fascial system has only recently gained press within the medical community and therefore technology has not been developed to detect abnormailites in the fascia. Tension within the fascia can be felt by a therapist's sensitive hands and released by using a gentle, sustained stretch. 


This approach may be used in conjuncion with other techniques as part of your physical therapy treatment or as part of your wellness program.

         NEUROKINETIC THERAPY®           


Feel like you have done everything to help your pain but with no results?

Maybe the pain is because of your brain?

Could the cerebellum be your problem?



NeuroKinetic Therapy® (NKT) is a technique used to correct dysfunctional movement patterns by effecting the Motor Control Center (MCC) of the brain where all body movements and patterns are organized.  Dysfunctional movement patterns are created after a trauma occurs or over time when one performs compensational movement patterns repetitively.  These dysfunctions are stored as a 'movement memory' in the cerebellum until they are corrected.


NKT is an effective way to correct these dysfunctional movement patterns using a form of manual muscle testing followed by manual therapy and corrective exercise tailored to your own individual dysfunctional patterns.