"He who has health has hope;

and he who has hope, has everything."

--Arabian proverb--




What is Physical Therapy?


Physical Therapy is a hands-on approach to healthcare that combines the science of healing with the art of caring.  Physical Therapists are licensed healthcare professionals who are specialists in movement and rehabilitation.  A Physical Therapist will evaluate your movement to identify the cause of your pain and will help you eliminate it.  A plan of care will be developed that may incorporate therapeutic exercise, functional training, and manual therapy.  Because every person is different a unique program will be developed for each individual.  The overall goal is to restore your mobility and function with improved joint protection to prevent the injury from reoccurring.


How do I know if Physical Therapy would help me?


Please feel free to contact for a free 15 minute phone consultation to determine if physical therapy services may be right for you.



Do I need a prescription from a doctor?


California is a direct access state which means you do not need a prescription from your doctor to begin physical therapy services.


However, each state has its own regulations.  In California, a prescription is required after 12 sessions or 45 days, whichever comes first.


A prescription will be required for reimbursement from insurance.    


Present Wellness  is a private-pay practice.  Please see below for further detail.



Does insurance cover my treatment?


Present Wellness is a private-pay physical therapy practice.  Proof of service with billing information can be provided upon request for submission to your insurance.  Insurance companies may reimburse as out-of-network. Medicare regulations may prohibit use of services.  




Why does Present Wellness only accept private-pay?


Present Wellness believes that you deserve the best care.  Through years of experience as a physical therapist working in mulitple settings I have witnessed the 'care' progressively being removed in healthcare. Insurance companies now set the standards for how physical therapy clinics practice.  The common trend is to shorten treatment sessions and one-on-one time spent with your therapist.  This often means an increased number of treatment sessions incurring more financial expense and a longer time to regain your health. 


What type of payment do you accept?


Cash, check, debit card, and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, debit). Please see Service Fees on website for possible discounts.


What should I bring to my first visit?


  • A prescription for physical therapy (including diagnosis) from your referring physician, ARNP, dentist, or PA. A prescription is needed if seeking insurance reimbursement. A prescription may be required at subsequent sessions.  Your therapist will send you intake forms prior to your appointment. 


Please take the time to fill out as much of each form as possible prior to your session.  

This will allow for more time to focus on your evaluation and treatment during your first session.  

Thank you.



Will it hurt?


As you restore mobility your pain levels will often fluctuate. This is a normal response to therapy treatment. Good communication with your therapist will help minimize any discomfort.




What do I wear?


Dress comfortably. Typically, shorts and t-shirt or tank top work very well.  Those receiving John Barnes myofascial release should wear loose fitting shorts with sports bra or swim suit.  Please DO NOT wear lotion or cream prior to session.  Your therapist will need access to your skin and any lotions/cream will cause the hands to slide on the skin lessening the effect of treatment.  



What can I expect during my first visit? 


The physical therapist will:

  • Complete your evaluation, which typically consists of obtaining a thorough past medical history and testing your functional movement, flexibility and strength.

  • Initiate treatment to help eliminate pain and establish a unique and specific plan of care. 


How long will my therapy sessions last?


Typically, the first session lasts for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Each session after that may be 45 minutes to one hour. The time will be based on your specific needs.


How many sessions will I have?


Each patient’s diagnosis is different and each body heals at different rates.  Your therapist will develop a plan of care unique to you and will work to get you back to feeling whole. Your plan of care and number of visits will be determined during your first visit.  Because each body heals differently visits may be more or less than what is determined at your evaluation.  Communication between you and your therapist is an important factor in your healing as getting back to a healthy state is a TEAM effort.



What if I don't have an injury, but want to maintain optimal health?


Healthcare in the West is a symptom-based approach that provides treatment when you become injured or sick.  Present Wellness  believes that preventiative healthcare is the key to a happy and healthy life.  Why wait for pain and 'dis-ease'  to ruin your perfect body and mind? 


Present Wellness offers a number of services to help keep you healthy.  



What types of education/training do physical therapists have?


Physical therapists have graduated from an accredited post baccalaureate program and passed their state board examination. Depending on the university, the physical therapy program is either a masters or doctorate level degree.  Physical Therapists are required to further their education in order to maintain their licensure.