Now, there are a very large number of bodily movements, having their source in our nervous system, that do not possess the character of conscious actions.

-- Wilhelm Wundt --




What is Neurokinetic Therapy?


Neurokinetic Therapy is a form of bodywork that is used to change dysfunctional movement patterns by accessing the brain's motor control center (MCC).


Dysfunctional movement patterns (COMPENSATIONS) are found and eliminated, so that functional (Normal) movement is resumed.


How does NKT eliminate dysfunctional movement patterns?


This is accomplished by using the Neurokinetic Therapy protocol.  The protocol involves testing muscles to identify which muscles are compensating for other muscles in a movement pattern. Once these compensations are defined, muscles that are compensating are released using manual therapy and the muscle that was compensated for is then retrained to work correctly using repetitive movement in a correct pattern.  This will reset the neuromuscular system via the motor control center of the brain (cerebellum).


What causes dysfunctional movement patterns?


Dysfunctional movement patterns develop in the body in response to pain, inflammation, and fatigue.  Muscle compensation can result from traumatic injury, repetitive stress and movement, postural syndrome, etc...


Why is it important to change dysfunctional movement patterns?


Dysfunctional movement patterns will continue to cause pain until the normal pattern is restored. Muscles that become underactive will create a disturbance in the nervous system causing other muscles to compensate in order to complete the movement.  Over time these compensations will result in tightness and lack of flexibility, stiff joints, pain, and further compensations resulting in a slippery slope of pain and discomfort.


How long are these dysfunctional patterns stored in the brain?


They are stored in the motor control center indefinitely until replaced by a new pattern.


NKT sounds beneficial but what seperates this form of therapy from others?


NKT is used to treat the cause of one's pain, not the symptoms.  Most forms of therapy are used to treat ONLY symptoms and relief is often temporary.  NKT provides longer-lasting relief by finding the cause of pain and therefore removing the source of the symptoms.


Who can benefit from NKT?


People of all ages can benefit from this type of therapy.  From the elderly to the athlete, proper functional movement is imperative to a healthy lifestyle.


Do I have to be in pain for NKT to be of benefit?


No.  Anyone who is looking to improve their mobility and movement can benefit.  Athletes can increase their speed, agility, and performance.  Yoga practitioners who have trouble getting into difficult poses find themselves perfecting postures not thought possible.  Elderly at risk for falls find themselves more stabile and confident in performing daily activities.


What are some conditions relieved by NKT?


Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction of all body areas including and not limited to:


     - Low Back Pain

     - Sciatica

     - Sacroiliac Dysfunction

     - Rotator Cuff Injury

     - Frozen Shoulder

     - Tennis/Golfer's Elbow

     - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

     - Iliotibial Band Syndrome

     - Headaches

     - Pelvic Floor Pain

     - Plantar Fascitis

     - Automobile Accident - Whiplash Syndrome

     - Post-Surgical Dysfunction

     - Repetitive Stress Injuries


General health and systemic issues including and not limited to:


    - Fibromyalgia

    - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  

    - Neurological Disorders

    - Stress and Tension

    - Spinal Cord Injuries

    - Athletic Perfromance Enhancement

    - Injury Prevention


Can NKT be used even if I am not in pain?


Yes. NKT can be beneficial for anyone who is looking to improve their overall health.  Stress and tension can be alleviated.  Flexibility increased and mobility restored. General mood may be improved as a result of physical changes of the body due to relaxation of tense muscles and postural correction.


Do athletes benefit from this type of therapy?


Most definitely!  There are a number of professional sports teams that are using NKT.  Athletes can keep playing at peak levels by using NKT to increase athletic performance, prevent future injury, and assist in the healing process of existing injuries.  


Get one step ahead of your competition by increasing your speed, power, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, and endurance through the use of NKT.